School of Big Data of USJ

Data science is an emerging important component in the industry. Our school aims at teaching our students to form data-driven thinking and solve practice problems. Our courses include Introduction of Data Science, Big Data, Deep Learning, etc. Our instructors have 10+ years of industry experience working on data science and richful knowledge about deep learning and other widely-used techniques. We provide the hands-on data science project that are directly relevant to the industry so that students can be prepared well for the real-life data science challenges. Students will learn the mathematical and statistical theory behind the data science techniques, professional industry data science tools and conduct hands-on projects to practice their skills.


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Dr. Jim Hao

Dr. Hao received his PhD of Computer Science at Tsinghua University. He is a senior scientist at Oracle, a big data expert at USJ. He has worked for Peoplesoft, Ebay, Visa, Boeing, Apple etc.
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Victor Zou

Executive Dean
Victor received his Master’s Degree in Management Information System from Texas Tech University. He is now a senior Oracle DBA, and has led many software development projects.