Deep Learning Lab

University of San Jose Deep Learning Lab brings together industrial experts and academic researchers, apply latest deep learning technology in image recognition, object detection, image segmentation, image generation, and other practical projects. Our Deep Learning Lab is a coherent and inspiring environment for learning, practicing and researching.

We have the following lab projects :


  1. We use both real and synthetic data for text recognition
  2. OCR is very useful in many applications and easier to dive in but hard to master

Style Transfer (please visit USJ Deep Learning Lab from outsite or USJ Intranet from our WLAN):

  1. Image generation based on Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)
  2. Conditional image generation base on use input and latent space parameters

Robotic Arm and OpenAI Gym:

  1. Robotic Arm is to research on robotic control with reinforcement learning
  2. Robotic Arm has broad applications and fun to work with


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Xiaoming Tian

Andy Tian is a professor of University of San Jose. Combined his Master’s Degrees from USC and CMU, with years of experiences of product demand forecasting and inventory management using big data infrastructure and deep learning technology in Walmart Labs, Andy Tian makes himself an expert on Deep Learning Technology.