School of ICCPRA of USJ

SICCPRA-USJ Introduction

ICCPRA (International Community CPR Alliance) is an international organization specializing in community public welfare assistance. It provides a community activity service platform for individuals who have obtained CPR certificate-related qualifications and provides the latest CPR certification training courses. The interactive and reciprocal activities between members and the community, adhering to the service tenet of “If you help the success of the other, the others will help you success”, integrating social resources, and contributing to the peaceful and healthy development of human society.

School of ICCPRA of USJ is an innovative international college founded by USJ (501C(3) , NGO), and Cultivating the talents of integration between industry and education in the public welfare industry. By creating a teaching model of “Degree Improvement, Talent Development, and Enterprise Operations”, SICCPRA  aims to compound high-level talents with MBA degrees, proficiency in CPR technology and efficient operation of ICCPRA management for the international community.

SICCPRA_USJ courses structure:

1) Degree Program:

USJ MBA (International Community Public Welfare Management)

2) Certified Education:

CPR & BLS (America Red Cross)

3) Operational projects:


CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

CPRT (CPR Instructor & CPR Instructor Tutor)

ICPWIS (International Community Public Welfare Industry Specialist)

ICPWIM (International Community Public Welfare Industry Manager)

ICPWIE (International Community Public Welfare Industry Executive Manager)