CPR Instructor & CPR Teaching Intern

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a. Job Details:

Full-time / Part-time

b. Skill Requirements:

  • Required: American Red Cross CPR/BLS Certifications and CPR/BLS Instructor.
  • Preferred: Priority will be given to applicants who have access to relevant teaching facilities and equipment, hold a Master’s degree or higher, and have relevant teaching experience.

c. Educational Requirements:

Master diploma or above

d. Company Introduction:

The University of San Jose (USJ), established in Silicon Valley in 2016, accredited by California’s BPPE in 2021 (School Code: 90920164), and offers MBA and MSCS master’s degrees. As a partner for CPR training with the American Red Cross and AHA, and a participant in the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Certification Organization, USJ collaborates with universities like WJU, LU, and PU for credit exchange. USJ has four departments such as AI school, Business school, ICCPRA Emergency school,  and PDA school, focusing on building a graduate-level college system with Silicon Valley’s unique ITTTES characteristics. 

e. About the Job:

Join our team as a CPR Instructor with ICCPRA and help enhance the community’s awareness and skills in emergency aid. As a CPR Instructor, you will be responsible for imparting valuable life-saving knowledge, deepening the public’s understanding and operational ability of community CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) through universal education.

Your role goes beyond traditional teaching. We use real-life emergency cases combined with the creation of multimedia content such as video recording, editing, and cutting, making learning intuitive and engaging. You will guide the audience through professional interviews and live interactions, leading them through simulated intense rescue scenarios.

You will be in charge of creating content, ensuring the accuracy of information delivery and the attractiveness of the visual effects. Your job is to create a new learning atmosphere in the community, making the study of first aid skills an interactive experience that resonates deeply.

By publishing educational content on online platforms and establishing a user feedback mechanism, you will help us continually optimize our teaching methods and content. The evaluation and improvement mechanism ensures that our educational projects remain at the forefront, providing the most valuable knowledge to the community.

As a CPR Instructor, you will be a core member of our meaningful and challenging digital marketing project, helping every community member become a potential lifesaver. We look forward to your joining and contributing to the safety of the community together with ICCPRA.

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f. Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:

  • Must possess an American Red Cross CPR certificate and CPR instructor certificate.
  • Should have the necessary teaching facilities and equipment.
  • Responsible for conducting CPR and BLS courses.
  • Candidates with a Master’s degree or higher and relevant teaching experience are preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide CPR and BLS training in accordance with ICCPRA’s educational goals.
  • Enhance community emergency response skills through interactive practice courses.
  • Improve the CPR and BLS learning experience using various teaching aids and technologies.
  • Contribute to the ICCPRA training program by incorporating participant feedback and continuously updating best practices.

All interns are required to participate in a unified training program, supporting OPT/CPT, with outstanding participants eligible for H1B sponsorship.

Contact Phone: 408-571-6516

Contact Email: usj.careers@usjus.org

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