School of PDA of USJ

School of PDA (Professional Development Accelerator) of USJ help and supports USJ faculties, students and USJ partners to improve their Talent Development, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Creative Goal Achievement.

SPDA-USJ’s service:

1)Degree Improvement Service


2)Talent Development Service

Technology, Talent, Tolerance, Creative Ideas, Products

3)Enterprise Operations Service

The Operation Management of the real cases

SPDA_USJ Real Case:

1) Self-Marketing

Self-Marketing development is a practical case of marketization operation of public welfare activities. This project mainly includes how to plan and guide college students to help them adapt to the job and improve their vocational skills through public welfare activities\social media \short videos \short content etc. At the same time, it also includes how to master the implementation methods of self-marketing, content production, content transformation and program update, etc.

2) Food Traceability

Using big data technology, blockchain technology, etc., to develop catering hygiene and safety monitoring APP that traces the source of food raw materials. Food suppliers can upload raw material testing reports, food distributors can upload raw material logistics paths, and customers can inquire about food and raw material traceability information, improving the safety and credibility of catering food.

3) Personal Digital Assistant

Using the uniformed information platforms, SPDA will help the partner building the B2P and P2P MIS (Management Information System). SPDA will build the solution from the initial information the customers made and requested for the service to the end information the customers got the satisfied answers and the final services. PDA will include the social medias and the CRM.

4) International Community CPR Alliance

ICCPRA (International Community CPR Alliance) is an international organization specializing in community public welfare assistance. It provides a community activity service platform for individuals who have obtained CPR certificate-related qualifications and provides the latest CPR certification training course system.

School of ICCPRA of USJ is an innovative international college founded by USJ (501C(3) NGO). Cultivate the talents of integration between industry and education in the public welfare industry. Create a teaching model of “Degree Improvement, Talent Development, and Enterprise Operations” that aims to cultivate compound high-level talents with MBA degrees, proficiency in CPR technology and efficient operation of ICCPRA international community management for the international community.

SPDA-USJ Corporation Plan:

1) Course Design & Degree Service

2) Open Education

3) Online Teaching and Coaching

4) Self-Marketing

5) HR Management