Big Data Dev Engineer ( Assistant /Internship)

Posted 2 years ago

1.Introduction to USJ

 USJ(University of San Jose, School Code 90920164) is a 501C(3) Non-Profit University in the United States. It has obtained the BPPE Certification from the California State  Government in 2021 and currently has the right to grant a master’s degree (MBA\MSCS). Currently recruiting IT engineers, MSCS\MBA and ESL lecturers, education fund Commissioner, College Education Cooperation Specialists, etc.

2 Dev Project: Intelligent Price Compared System

Intelligent Price compared System is an intelligent assistant system for Consumer Management in the era of big data. It mainly includes: intelligent commodity search, price comparison, agent matching, and third party purchase system. Using selenium, from a commercial website “scrape” to obtain standard information about a commodity (item name, size, image, standard price/discount price, similar to products and prices, and user review and sale rankings) and provide users with information about purchasing decisions. Intelligent Price Compared System saves the big data into the background database system, drive the web crawler to search the latest regular price of commodities, and match the target price of users. If the match is successful, the system will notify the user (email, text message, etc.) to improve customer satisfaction.

3 Job Requirements

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or computer is preferred.

2) Relevant working experience is preferred.

3) Responsible for learning new technology of big data, practical project development, application technology research and providing IT services for customers.

All interns need to participate in the  unified training program, support OPT/CPT, and excellent candidates can support H1B.

Welcome young associates who have the enthusiasm, and the idea to stand hard work to join us to release the youth power together.

Phone number: 408-571-6516


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