Big Data Seminar

Course Hours:  Total 12 Hrs

Class Time: Open for Enrollment

Course Arrangement (Current session):

Regular Class Section: Sat-Sun   9:00 am – 5: 00 pm

Fee:  $800

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Product Description

  • 8 Course Modules

    Complete all the Modules and achieve the best in Big Data

  • Case Study

    Designed to help you understand BlockChain

Course Description

University of San Jose will host a BigData seminar during Dec 17th-Dec 18th, 2016. This seminar is exclusively designed for currently BigData analysis, and will focus on how BigData is used today to add value to organisations across the many areas and how BigData making a big difference. We will discuss the principle and business insights of BigData by introducing a series of the BigData cases, and demonstrate the impacts and potential opportunities in the real-world companies. Join this exciting seminar.



Section Outlines

9:00 am : BigData Intro
  • What is BigData in Application and Systems
  • What makes BigData valuable
  • What makes BigData valuable
  • BigData characteristics-volume, variety, velocity, veracity, valence
  • Overview of High-Performance Computing and BigData Platforms
10:35 am : How data is informing today’s innovative companies
  • Stories about how data is informing today’s most innovative companies
1:30 pm : Big-Picture With BigData
  • Understanding and Targeting Customers
  • Understanding and Optimising Business Processes
  • Improving Healthcare and Public Health
  • Improving Sports Performance
  • Improving Science and Research
  • Optimising Machine and Device Performance
  • Improving Security and Law Enforcement
  • Financial Trading
  • Improving Cities and Counties development
3:00 pm : Case Studies of Business transformation with BigData
  • New platform technologies to transform organization using data
  • Review the industry trends as well as transformative business use cases-Walmart, Macy Mall


Section Outlines

9:00 am : Create scalable BigData strategy to ensure program delivery
  • Big Data Implementation in the right way
  • Identifying and assembling the right big data tools and technologies
  • Maintaining and managing big data platforms
  • Measuring and understanding current big data assets
10:35 am : BigData in silicon valley- case study
  • Data Analysis on Marketing (Sears) dat
1:30 pm : Introduction to the core projects used for both batch and real-time data processing
  • Cassandra, Hadoop, Pig, Flume, Spark and Storm
3:00 pm : Projects of USJ Big data School



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