USJ Public Relations Officer

Posted 6 months ago

USJ Public Relations Officer

USJ is a 501C(3) non-profit university in the United States. It has obtained the BPPE certification of the California government in 2021 and currently has the right to grant a master’s degree (MBA\MSCS). Currently recruiting IT engineers, MSCS\MBA and ESL lecturers, education fund Commissioner, college education cooperation specialists, etc.n…

Job Responsibilities:

• In charge of USJ’s public relations, foundation management, fundraising activities, and attracting investments and sponsorships.
• Manage and coordinate relationships with all stakeholders, including media, sponsors, and investors.
• Develop and implement effective public relations strategies and activities to improve the company’s image.
• Organize and participate in various public relations events, such as press conferences and charity events.


• Bachelor’s degree or above in Public Relations, Communications, or a related field.
• Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills.
• A deep understanding of public relations and marketing.
• Capable of project management and multitasking.

All interns will be supported with E-verify OPT/CPT, and the company offers a 60-day unpaid intern part-time opportunity. Upon completion of the internship, exceptional performers may become full-time employees, for whom the company will provide H1B lottery opportunities.

We welcome enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to join us and unleash your youth together.

Location: San Jose, CA


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