The 2024 USJ Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship and Investment Seminar was successfully held

On March 3, 2024, marking the inaugural public lecture of the year at San Jose University. Renowned Silicon Valley investor and Tsinghua University alumnus, Mr. Larry Li, delivered the keynote address.

Figure 1 Larry Li explores the impact of AI on our modern society.

During his presentation, Mr. Li covered four main aspects. Firstly, he conducted a deep analysis of the impact of artificial intelligence on entrepreneurial investment, exploring the opportunities and challenges it brings. Secondly, he shared his personal experiences in the field of entrepreneurial investment, emphasizing key elements such as the importance of “data is king” and the “multiplicative effect.” Thirdly, he underscored the core aspect of investing in businesses, emphasizing that the primary consideration should be the investment team. Finally, he introduced his latest work, “The Logic of Investment“. Attendees engaged in lively discussions on the societal changes induced by artificial intelligence, touching on topics such as AI’s impact on employment patterns, its influence on the education system, and changes in social interaction methods.

We sincerely appreciate Mr. Larry Li’s insightful presentation and look forward to USJ hosting more similar public lectures in the future.

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