University of San Jose School of ICCPRA Officially Establish

University of San Jose School of ICCPRA (International Community Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Alliance) was established on September 15, 2022, in USJ San Jose Campus. School of ICCPRA (SICCPRA) is an innovative international college founded by USJ (501C (3) , NGO), and cultivating the talents of integration between industry and education in the public welfare industry.

By creating a teaching model of “Degree Improvement, Talent Development, and Enterprise Operations”, SICCPRA aims to compound high-level talents with MBA degrees, proficiency in CPR technology and efficient operation of ICCPRA management for the international community. SICCPRA can provide a series of courses related to First Aid/CPR/AED and BLS, and issue participants American Red Cross-approved Performing CPR Certification.

SICCPRA-USJ has degree program services, certified education training services and operational projects services. Mr. Kevin, vice president of USJ, will act as the dean of ICCPRA.

On September 15, 2022, University of San Jose is officially recognized as the America Red Cross Licensed Training Provider, and we are honored for attending the nation’s premier health and safety training organization. Now we are opening three new PDA programs associated with community health care development and management, collaborating with USJ school of ICCPRA .

Again, heartfelt congratulations on the School of ICCPRA establishment. Together with our friends and partners, USJ will make more achievements in the future.

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