Kotlin Software Engineer Lecture was successfully held —-USJ Public Lecture No.15 in 2017 ( USJ No.42)

On December 16, 2017, from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (PST), USJ Public Lecture No.15 “Kotlin Programming Technology” was successfully held in USJ. The speaker, USJ Dean Dr. Jim Hao, got great reviews from all participated students. Indicated by Dr.Jim Hao, Kotlin as a development tool to the era of AI had features like high efficiency, simplicity, applicability, high security, compatibility, etc., as it came and caused strong repercussion. And as a Google official development tool for Android, the industry had high expectation for Kotlin!
USJ, as the first university in Silicon Valley founded by a Chinese institution, will keep up with the development of Silicon Valley AI technology trend. By integrating excellent resources in Silicon Valley, USJ will build an advanced practical curriculum of AI for innovative youth around the world having a dream in the field of AI!

The attached File1 : Introduction of the Professor : Dr.Jim Hao
Dr. Hao, Dean of School of Big Data of USJ. He received his PhD of Computer Science at Tsinghua University. He is a senior scientist at Oracle, a big data expert at USJ. He has worked for Peoplesoft, Ebay, Visa, Boeing, Apple etc.

The attached File2 : Content of Kotlin Programming Technology
1) Kotlin — a modern programming language basing on JVM
2) Translation between Kotlin and Java bytecode, JavaScript
3) Kotlin’s function
4) Kotlin’s securty
5) Kotlin’s extension functions( immutability, first-class delegation and so on)
6) Kotlin’s case study
7) Kotlin’s framework support
8) The future of Kotlin

The attached File3 : Schedule of the course of Kotlin Programming Technology
Dec 31 2017- Feb 3 2018, Five weeks, One time per week, 2 hours per time.
Feb 4 2018- Mar 10 2018, Five weeks, One time per week, 2 hours per time.
Mar 11 2018-Apr 14 2018, Five weeks, One time per week, 2 hours per time.
Format: On-campus course/Online course

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