S&T Service Seminar on Integration of Industry and Education in Silicon Valley

Gocean-WJU (GoWJU) Learning Center (SV/CD) Founding Meeting 

07/02/2021 14:00-18:00 USJ 

1 Background 

The development of Silicon Valley’s Science and Technology Service industry has provided fertile soil for Silicon Valley’s technological innovation. The industrial ecological chain dominated by market mechanisms has bred countless Silicon Valley legends and has also opened series of technological innovation waves. The Seminar initiated by USJEDU invites professionals from the industry and education in the Silicon Valley service industry to analyze, summarize and refine the advantages and potentials of the Silicon Valley Technology Service Industry, and form a talent skills framework for the Silicon Valley Technology Service Industry to improve its own talent services efficiency, to better service to society and innovative development. 

GoWJU (Gocean-WJU) Learning Center (SV/CD) is a platform that is jointly supported by WJU and Gocean\USJ\USJEDU and operated by USJEDU to provide comprehensive services for talents in the Science and Technology Service industry. It mainly includes combined Bachelor-Master Degree Program and combined Associate-Master Degree Program. After graduation, the students will receive WJU undergraduate and master diplomas. It also includes international mutual recognition of credits and paid internship training in Silicon Valley. It mainly serves local Silicon Valley students and international students to help them achieve better development in their studies, employment, and entrepreneurship. 

2 Organizer 

Co-Organizer: WJU, USJ, Gocean 

Hosted by: USJEDU 

3 Host 

Dr. Bin Li  

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Tsinghua University. M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University. 

Professional Background: Lecturer at Tsinghua University. USJ Co-founder and VP; Co-founder of Seedonk Tianjin Inc.

4 Guest Speakers 

Speech Topic 1: Science and Technology Service Talent Training System of WJU 

Guest: Dr. Tony Hu, WJU SP 

Guest Introduction: Special Advisor to the President of WJU, Stanford University Ph.D. 

Speech Outline: Taking WJU’s technology service talent training as an example to talk about the Silicon Valley technology service talent training system, Dr. Tony Hu will share his experiences on the advantages of talents development in the Silicon Valley Technology Service Industry in terms of technology service talent training goals, university teaching system innovation, and excellent campus environment.

Speech Topic 2: Thoughts on the Development of Silicon Valley Technology Service Industry 

Guest: Dr. Claude Wang, President and CEO of USJ 

Guest Introduction: Bachelor of Tsinghua University, Ph.D. of Peking University, Founding President of USJ.

Speech Outline: Dr. Claude Wang will analyze and explain the development of the Silicon Valley Technology Service industry and discuss the main traits and future development direction of Silicon Valley’s Financial and Technology industries. 

Speech Topic 3: Case Study of Silicon Valley Technology Service Industry 

Guest: Dr. Jim Hao, VP, and Director of E-Learning of USJ  

Guest Introduction: Ph.D. of Tsinghua University, VP and Director of E-Learning of USJ. He is a senior scientist at Oracle, a big data expert at FLAG. He has worked for Peoplesoft, eBay, Visa, Boeing, Apple, etc. 

Speech Outline: After more than 60 years of development, Silicon Valley has become the world’s high-tech center. Dr. Jim Hao will make a unique analysis and discussion on the operating environment, unique operating model, clusters of joint operations, and unique culture of Silicon Valley in the Silicon Valley Technology Service industry. 

Speech Topic 4: Silicon Valley Technology Service Talent Skills Framework 

Guest: Dr. Tom Tafolla, VP and Professor of USJ  

Guest Introduction: VP and Professor of USJ, Senior Enterprise Management Expert in Silicon Valley.

Speech Outline: Professor Tom Tafolla will analyze the job distribution, skill structure, knowledge system, and integration of production and education in the Silicon Valley Technology Service industry. 

Speech Topic 5: USJ Technology Service Talent Training System

Guest: Mr. Kevin Chen, VP of USJ

Guest Introduction: Bachelor of UC Berkeley /UC Davis, MBA, VP and Professor of USJ, International Education expert.

Speech Outline: Taking USJ’s talent training system as an example, Mr. Kevin Chen will discuss the advantages and experience of Silicon Valley Technology Service personnel training. From the aspects of training science and technology service talents, encouraging teachers and students to participate in the science and technology service industry, and service technology transfer, he will elaborate on the structure of the Silicon Valley Science and technology Service talent training system.

Speech Topic 6: Technological Service and Technological Innovation 

Training System Guest: Mr. Ethan W, FLAG Senior Data expert

Guest Introduction: FLAG Senior Data Engineer

Speech Outline: Mr. Ethan will use “Science and Technology Services and Technological Innovation” as the theme to explain and analyze Silicon Valley’s innovation experience and secrets in terms of Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry, venture capital, strong innovation culture, and other business models and regulations.

Speech Topic 7: LINQ One Platform: All in One Solution for Future Online Institution. 

Training System Guest: Mr. Cheng Ma, Director of Engineering in LINQ

Guest Introduction: Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Speech Outline: Mr. Ma will introduce the LINQ Platform, including LINQ’s vision and mission, product challenges & architecture iteration.

Special guests (continuous update) 

5 Time 

07/02/2021 Fri 2 pm – 6 pm 

6 Schedule 

1) Dr. Bin Li hosts the Seminar. 

2) Grand Opening Ceremony.

3) Speakers give keynote presentations. 

4) Discussion on different topics. 

5) Dinner  

7 Contact Information 

Email: kedimiao@usjus.org; Jimchen@usjus.org

Cell: 412-651-8296 

Wechat: entertainmiao 

Wechat Official Account: USJEDUGroup 

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