2022 USJ Education Management Meeting was Successfully Held

On Tuesday, July 5th, 2022, the 2022 Annual USJ Work Meeting was held at the University of San Jose Campus. Participants had wonderful exchanges and discussions on USJ’s achievements and future prospects in 2022.

USJ President Dr. Claude Wang first reviewed the achievements of USJ this year, including the school’s passing BPPE certification, the establishment of the Sino-US cooperative education system and the establishment of the industrial colleges model. Afterward, the participating members discussed the specific details of the combined undergraduate and master’s program, the implementation path of the integration of production and education, and the prospect of the future development of USJ.

Dr. Claude Wang, President and CEO of USJ, Dr. Bin Li, Co-founder and VP of USJ, JD. Tom Tafolla, VP and Professor of USJ, Mr. Kevin Cheng, VP and Professor of USJ, Dr. Jim Hao, VP and Professor of USJ, and Dr. Ted Sun, Director of Big Data Department of USJ participated in the meeting.

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