USJ ChatGPT/AI Application Development Engineer program


This training project aims to cultivate professionals with AI theoretical knowledge and ChatGPT application technology. The course adopts a dual-element model and immersive case teaching (METI) methods, focusing on the latest AI\ChatGPT technology platforms and providing students with various development environments for different scenarios. By integrating AI theory with practical ChatGPT techniques, students will quickly learn and master advanced AI and ChatGPT development tools, including AI writing, AI painting, AI voice-over, AI video, AI digital human, and 3D digital human. They will be able to combine these with real development scenarios, gaining a deep understanding of AI principles and practical development systems. This course encourages students to learn by doing, fosters innovation, and assists students in actively engaging in various innovative entrepreneurial activities.

Course Chapters:

  • Part One: Basics of AI
  • Part Two: Principles of ChatGPT
  • Part Three: AI Technology Platforms
    • AI Writing (copywriting, composition, planning, schemes)
    • AI Painting (illustration, drawing, picture book)
    • AI Dubbing (AI auto-generated professional dubbing)
    • AI Animation (making a photo sing)
    • AI Short Video (text auto-generate video)
    • Digital Humans (AI face swapping)
    • 3D Digital Humans
    • ChatGPT integration with Digital Humans
    • Control of Digital Human Facial Expressions
    • Digital Human Body Movements (dancing)
    • And more advanced but practical AI tools and principles
  • Part Four: Practical Application Cases

Certificate: USJ ChatGPT Application Development Engineer Certificate