Claude Intl School of USJ

Our school aims to train students with great passion in teaching and that love get along with kids. to professional teachers for elementary to high school. Our instructors have rich teaching experiences and dedicated to train more passionate teachers. We provide students with hands-on teaching experience in Claude Intl School, which is affiliated to USJ. Students will learn how to make course plan, communicate with kids, maintain class order, and be friends with kids. They will have opportunities to teach actual classes.



Dr. Claude Wang

Senior education specialist, founded Chengdu Gocean Education Group in 1996, and served as president of the board so far. He founded Gosvea (Claudedu Group) in 2013, and served as president of the board so far. He established USJ in 2014, and served as the president of the board, the first president of the university. Dr. Claude Wang is principally engaged in investment in higher education, IT international certification education, ITO, etc. He has served as vice president of Tsinghua University Chengdu Alumni Association, vice president of Chengdu Software Industry Association, Dean of School of Network Engineering and Software technology of Xihua University. He has presided over various researches and more than 20 projects. Dr. Claude Wang received Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Educational Economics and Management from Peking University, and a doctorate in Management.

Claude Intl School