Deep Learning Essential Training

Course Hours:  Total 40 Hrs

Course Time: Start on June 24, 2017 (Rolling Registration)

Course Arrangement:

Lecture: Saturday 19:00 – 21:00

Lab:  Wednesday 15:00 – 17:00

Fee: $2590 (free trial for the first class)

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Product Description

Course Description

Deep Learning is revolutionizing many industries like a thunderstorm, such as auto driving, AlphaGo, neural machine translation, medical diagnosis etc. Deep Learning is a generic and powerful machine learning algorithm. It is widely used by many big companies and startups. It is also one of favorite and most frequently used tool by Kaggle winners (by Kaggle CEO). This Program will provide progressive, interactive and practical lessons for anyone interested in deep learning algorithms and want to apply it to their work or research. The targeted audience is anyone who have basic knowledge in linear algebra and calculus, and knows how to code in python.

Chapter 1

  • Lecture: Deep Learning concepts and introduction
  • Lab: Learn Numpy

Chapter 2

  • Lecture: Convolutional Neural Network
  • Lab: Image recognition with TensorFlow

Chapter 3

  • Lecture: Recurrent Neural Network
  • Lab: Characters recognition using LSTM

Chapter 4

  • Lecture: GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks)
  • Lab: Generate your own image

Capstone Project

Divided into groups, personalized guidance from instructor. Design your own projects or optional projects from us.


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Andy Tian

Professor of USJ
Xiaoming (Andy) Tian is a professor of University of San Jose. Combined his Master's Degrees from USC and CMU, with years of experiences of product demand forecasting and inventory management using big data infrastructure and deep learning technology in Walmart Labs, Andy Tian makes himself an expert on Deep Learning Technology.

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