Blockchain Financial Executive Seminar

Course Hours:  Total 12 Hrs

Class Time: Open for Enrollment

Course Arrangement (Current session):

Regular Class Section: Sat-Sun   9:00 am – 5: 00 pm

Fee:  $800

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Product Description

  • 8 Course Modules

    Complete all the Modules and achieve the best in BlockChain

  • Case Study

    Designed to help you understand BlockChain

Course Description

University of San Jose College of Block Chain will host a Block Chain Financial seminar during Dec 17th-Dec 18th, 2016. This seminar is exclusively designed for banking executives, and will focus on the applications of block chains in the banking and financial sector. We will discuss the principle and business insights of the blockchain by introducing a series of the blockchain innovation cases in financial area at Silicon Valley, and demonstrate the impacts and potential opportunities in the banking and financial industry. Executives or employees in the financial industry, or entrepreneurs in the P2P or Fintech industries are cordially invited to join this exciting seminar.



Section Outlines

9:00 am : What is BlockChain
10:35 am : Application of Blockchain
1:30 pm : Design and Mechanism
3:00 pm : Regulatory and Compliance


Section Outlines

9:00 am : Risk Control and the importance of certainty
10:35 am : Identity Industry
1:30 pm : Projects of USJ Blockchain School
3:00 pm : Innovation Map and Case Study

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